A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

26 August 2010

my retro hair crush

I've always loved Meg Ryan.
I'm such a '90 junkie :-)
I've recently seen 'The Women' and I really like it.
Her hair looks absolutely amazing, no matter whether its
straight or curly..

I also think that she looks stunning with shorter hair.
'Girl next door' kind of look.. really cute!

Hope you're all well

24 August 2010

face of the day

Hey Dollies!

A quick face of the day :-)
This summer very often I was going for a neutral
look with a pop of colour- usual blue, violet or pink
on the lower lashline.
Easy and quick:-)
Like so:

Easy breezy lol
It really makes the eyes stand out
without spending lots of time on make up.

Besides, I'm in love with coral blushes
(Benefit's Coralista is my go to blush)
and Benefit's Eye Bright on the waterline
works wonders!