A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

30 April 2010

29 April 2010

hair update + FOTD

Hello my Lovelies!
Long time, no see.
I'm sorry to be gone for so long,
but I've been extremely busy recently.

I'm moving tomorrow to a bigger flat:D
I'm super excited!

I also lost now 11 kg:)
It happened sort of naturally as
I'm really busy now with collage,
work, choosing uni for september,
busier social life:)
I feel really good and fit, so yay:D

My hair is so long now
and I'm loving it.
I cut and style it myself.
I've been doing that for ages now.
I also have them lighter now,
I'm into caramel-ish shade at the moment.

Makeupwise, often in the morning
I'm going for a simple smokey eye
and nude lips but I still enjoy
colours, especially now, when spring is coming:)

I feel very positive recently.
All the changes gave me an amazing boost of confidence:)

Hope that you are all well
and share my spring (?!) optimism LOL

Promise to come back permanently soon,
once all the craziness is finished:)


08 April 2010

INs and OUTs

Hello my lovelies!
It's been a long time since I had time to sit and peacefully
write posts or check other blogs:/
But I'll do my best to catch up:)

I had a lot of stuff to deal with.


-Feeling slimmer and fitter

I lost 8kg so far, not always due to healthy
lifestyle, also because of stress but my goal is
to eat reasonably and exercise so I can feel
good in my own skin.

-Being single
Believe it or not but after 5 yrs spent
with one guy I find it challenging to come back
on the market lol
But I've got my first date tomorrow and I'm
super excited. I'm happy I can do what I want now,
think about my own needs and have fun.
A new chapter begins! woot woot

-Getting a new flat
I have a flatmate now that I love her to death:)
She broke up with her bf not long ago as well
so we support each other and have so much fun together.
We just found a bigger place now so we'll move at
the end of the month.

-Realising that you're surrounded by
great friends when you're in need

-Amazing, supporting parents!

I'm so grateful for them.
The best parents I could possibly imagine

-New job
Plus I get to work within young
vibrant environment.


-Getting to know that your ex was an asshole

I hate being told stuff he's been doing behind
my back.. It seems that I spent so much time
with a guy I didn't really know..
So painful. But I learnt my lesson:/

- Cold weather
Seriously. Enough is enough.

-Problems with my car
Please, no more.
Since I had my MOT done it started to freak out..
but it's ok now..shhh.. fingers crossed:)

Sorry it's not a beauty related post
but there is so much going on in my life
at the moment. I promise to go back on track.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!


05 April 2010