A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

29 October 2010

a quotation of the day

I miss that feeling..

Happy Friday everyone!


28 October 2010

Inglot goodies

Hello lovelies!
So I was lucky enough to get some Inglot goodies:-)
Amaaaazing stuff.

Starting with a boring item.
I needed a new base coat and that one
is also meant for peeling nails so it works as a conditioner as well.

I also wanted to get a blending brush but
I couldn't decide which one so I got two:
4SS and 6SS.

The part that I'm most excited about is that lovely palette.

They call it a freedom system.
It works exactly the same way as in MAC
but you can have 3 or 5 eye shadows.
I wanted a neutral one with fall colours.

These are so pigmented!
From left:

I also wanted two highlight colours:
a matte one 353 (left)
and a shimmery one 463.

I also needed a matte light brown colour
(to rock that smoky look this fall lol)
but it wasn't available in the freedom system
so I got it as a single shadow (357).

And last but not least, I had to get this lovely blush (88).
It seems like a more summery colour but what the heck,
so pretty I couldn't resist.

It reminds me a little of Benefit's Coralista.

And can you believe that all that cost me less then £40??!
Inglot is definitely worth considering..
The only downfall is availability of the products.
Wish there were more Inglot stores in UK.

If you'd like me to post any reviews on
any of the goodies, please let me know.

Have a lovely weekend!


24 October 2010

a quotation of the day

Have a lovely Sunday!

20 October 2010

do you ♥ coconuts?

I am a huge fan of coconut scent.
And one of my favourite perfumes that remind
me of summer and smells really really coconutty
is G by Harajuku Lovers.
It's sweet but not overpowering.
Very girly.
My new love :-)

And the packaging speaks for itself
(so adorable ..)


19 October 2010

a quotation and a song of the day

My dear Italian friend recommended me Elisa-
Italian singer who writes and records mainly in English.
And let me tell you, I'm in love with her music ..


favourite eye product at the moment and FOTD

I've been using Benefit's Eye Bright probably everyday
since the day I got it 3 months ago!
It has transformed my daily makeup routine, no joke!
It's so versatile: can be used as a brow highlight,
cheek highlight, to bright up the under eye circles
or on waterline (which works miracles on tired eyes!)

That picture is a little washed out-
it's a bit more pink, light shade of creamy pink.

I've been also using it blended in the inner corner
of my eyes and waterline.
I think it makes my eyes look bigger and more awake.

(On that pic I'm wearing my fave
beige sweater of the moment from Zara )


my autumn skin savers

Autumn's finally here and I wanted to share with you
the products that maintain my skin in great condition.
And these 3 products are my absolute favourite for this time of the year.
Boots has 3 for 2 offer just now so I'm all stocked up :)

That's Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula:
their regular butter, firming butter and body oil.
It says on the package that these products are enriched
with vitamin E which is an advanced moisturiser that
softens, smoothes and relieves dry skin.
It also mentions that it's recommended for stretch marks, during
pregnancy. That's perfect for me lol - during last 6 months
I lost overall 15 kg and these products have helped me
to keep it firm and with no visible stretch marks.
All off them smell amazing (not a typical cocoa scent,
a bit nutty or coconutty, still quite sweet) and
they absorb really quickly considering that these are
body butters, not lotions.
Sometimes I use the body oil after an evening shower,
on damp skin and pad it with a towel.
It's really handy when I'm simply too exhausted
to bother with applying body butters.
I should also mention that I use the firming butter on
my thighs, bottom and belly and the regular one
on legs and arms :)

Hope you find it helpful

26 August 2010

my retro hair crush

I've always loved Meg Ryan.
I'm such a '90 junkie :-)
I've recently seen 'The Women' and I really like it.
Her hair looks absolutely amazing, no matter whether its
straight or curly..

I also think that she looks stunning with shorter hair.
'Girl next door' kind of look.. really cute!

Hope you're all well

24 August 2010

face of the day

Hey Dollies!

A quick face of the day :-)
This summer very often I was going for a neutral
look with a pop of colour- usual blue, violet or pink
on the lower lashline.
Easy and quick:-)
Like so:

Easy breezy lol
It really makes the eyes stand out
without spending lots of time on make up.

Besides, I'm in love with coral blushes
(Benefit's Coralista is my go to blush)
and Benefit's Eye Bright on the waterline
works wonders!


18 July 2010

wavy hair

Hey Lovelies!

Recently I've been really into wavy hair.
Kind of messy yet soft and pretty summer look.
I got that sea salt spray for just a bit over £3 in Sainsbury lol

I sprayed it on damp hair and let it dry
without using any hot tools.. and voilà! :-)

Hope that you all are having a lovely weekend!

10 July 2010

a quotation of the day

I've been through a lot during the last couple
of months and my life has changed SO much.
Although it certainly wasn't easy, I learnt that
what doesn't kill me, only makes me stronger.
Life is a constant process of learning.
Sounds like a total cliche but it took me 25 yrs to
realise that painful experiences are necessary
to appreciate short moments of happiness:-)

Have a lovely weekend ♥

15 June 2010

stuff that I'm loving at the moment

As I haven't done my monthly faves for ages,
I decided to share my faves at the moment.

As summer is finally here (well, Scottish summer lol),
I'm in love with playful makeup.
These are all different brands: MUFE, Primark, The Body Shop, H&M.
They're quick to use and very summery.

As I've been stressed out recently with college and stuff,
I had some major breakouts but this cream works
really well as the overnight treatment
(I wouldn't say that it works within 4h though).

I used it regularly for about 3 weeks
and my lashes feel stronger. Love this stuff!

Whenever I'm going for a neutral shadow, that's the one I'm grabbing.
Plus, it looks really nice in the summer because of
the shimmer. Gives an easy smoke eye effect:)

Perfect for summer as it feels light but gives medium
coverage. It leaves the skin looking a bit dewy.
Impressive for a drugstore product!

I've got it for over a year.
It's actually a guys' watch but I never leave
my house without it.

I carry it in my purse cos its only 75 ml.
It smells very feminine and allows me to refresh myself
whenever I need it.

I've been travelling a bit and wipes are the best
way of saving some space in your luggage:-)

A very sweet, playful scent.
It fits my mood perfectly at the moment.
And the packaging is adorable lol

The first one great for the night (just hate the bottle,
it gets really difficult to squeeze it out) but it leaves the
skin so soft and moisturised in the morning.
The second one makes the skin shimmer but without any
heavy glitter. And it's coconutty:D Love it!

Haha. I know. Pretty childish but oh well lol

Yummy! My favourite snack at the moment.

Wish you all a great week!

12 June 2010

benefit freebies:D

I got so excited when I watched
lollipop26's video on YT about Benefit's freebies
that I ran out of the door to get my 3 copies of Glamour
straight away:D

Eye Bright, It Stick and Bad Gal eye pencil
are worth altogether £45 and I always wanted to try them
all but never wanted to spend that much money on the
products that aren't really that necessary, if you now what I mean.

Glamour costs £2 and I'll probably give my other
two copies to some girlfriends:)

The one that I'm most ecstatic about is the Eye Bright.
Can't wait to use it lol

Just wanted to quickly share that with you guys:)

Have a fantastic Saturday!
(I'm off to work in 2h:/
but went out so much this week
that I totally deserved to be working this weekend haha)


01 June 2010

The Body Shop freebie

Hello Lovelies:-)

I'd like to say hello to all my new followers,
you guys rock :-)

I'm getting my broadband installed this week
(finally!) so I'll be updating soon.

Just a quick post for the UK based chicas
about a June issue of Marie Claire
with a 50ml Body Shop Butter
(you can choose between shea, mango and love etc)
for £3,50.
I just got it today while grocery shopping in Tesco lol

Grrr can't believe that today is the 1st of June!
Seriously, time is flyyying recently.

Wish you all a fab month:)


ps. For those of you who wonder,
yes, I'm back to dating and I've been
quite busy recently with my social life lol
I'm so happy about all the recent changes.


30 April 2010

29 April 2010

hair update + FOTD

Hello my Lovelies!
Long time, no see.
I'm sorry to be gone for so long,
but I've been extremely busy recently.

I'm moving tomorrow to a bigger flat:D
I'm super excited!

I also lost now 11 kg:)
It happened sort of naturally as
I'm really busy now with collage,
work, choosing uni for september,
busier social life:)
I feel really good and fit, so yay:D

My hair is so long now
and I'm loving it.
I cut and style it myself.
I've been doing that for ages now.
I also have them lighter now,
I'm into caramel-ish shade at the moment.

Makeupwise, often in the morning
I'm going for a simple smokey eye
and nude lips but I still enjoy
colours, especially now, when spring is coming:)

I feel very positive recently.
All the changes gave me an amazing boost of confidence:)

Hope that you are all well
and share my spring (?!) optimism LOL

Promise to come back permanently soon,
once all the craziness is finished:)


08 April 2010

INs and OUTs

Hello my lovelies!
It's been a long time since I had time to sit and peacefully
write posts or check other blogs:/
But I'll do my best to catch up:)

I had a lot of stuff to deal with.


-Feeling slimmer and fitter

I lost 8kg so far, not always due to healthy
lifestyle, also because of stress but my goal is
to eat reasonably and exercise so I can feel
good in my own skin.

-Being single
Believe it or not but after 5 yrs spent
with one guy I find it challenging to come back
on the market lol
But I've got my first date tomorrow and I'm
super excited. I'm happy I can do what I want now,
think about my own needs and have fun.
A new chapter begins! woot woot

-Getting a new flat
I have a flatmate now that I love her to death:)
She broke up with her bf not long ago as well
so we support each other and have so much fun together.
We just found a bigger place now so we'll move at
the end of the month.

-Realising that you're surrounded by
great friends when you're in need

-Amazing, supporting parents!

I'm so grateful for them.
The best parents I could possibly imagine

-New job
Plus I get to work within young
vibrant environment.


-Getting to know that your ex was an asshole

I hate being told stuff he's been doing behind
my back.. It seems that I spent so much time
with a guy I didn't really know..
So painful. But I learnt my lesson:/

- Cold weather
Seriously. Enough is enough.

-Problems with my car
Please, no more.
Since I had my MOT done it started to freak out..
but it's ok now..shhh.. fingers crossed:)

Sorry it's not a beauty related post
but there is so much going on in my life
at the moment. I promise to go back on track.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!


05 April 2010

29 March 2010

Black skinny jeans - yay or nay?

I went to Zara last week and I got myself
a pair of black skinny jeans for only £19.99:)

I wanted them forever but I've been on the hunt for
the perfect pair.

They are so universal and versatile!
Black jeans can be worn casually with trainers,
Tshirt and a blazer or chic with heels and a shirt.

I'm a little curvy and initially I wasn't sure
they would look good on me but I love them!
And look at Kim Kardashian:)

So what do you guys think? -
Black skinny jeans: YAY or NAY?