A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

20 December 2009

coz at the end of the day, its all about the glitter:>

I am officially in a festive mood:)
I have a last day at college tomorrow and in the afternoon
I'm flying home
My Mommy texted me that Christmas tree is waiting for me to be dressed;D
Can't wait, especially that the last time
I could be home for Christmas was 4 years ago!!

I celebrated my mood with
NYC nail varnish in 105A Starry Silver Glitter.
Its gives such a pretty result!
The glitter isn't chunky, it goes smoothly and dries quickly.
Plus in UK it's only £1,99 at Superdrug.
And I have a feeling it will look gorgeous over some colour..
I'll keep you updated:)

Sometimes I surprise myself by being such a girlie girl lol

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

19 December 2009

elf 's mineral booster review

As you might remember I was quite excited about this product
when I received my package from ELF.
Initially, I wanted to purchase Origins Multi-grain Makeup
but it was impossible to find a light shade of it, I tried several places and it was
sold out. Plus it is £20. I thought about ordering online but whats the point to order 1 product
and pay the postage?!
So, without further rambling,
I was excited when I realised that ELF has similar product in their line.

s web site promises a lot:
Achieve the ultimate, translucent "photo finishing touch" to your makeup, our Mineral Booster melts into your skin, infusing it with key vitamins A, B and E to promote healthier skin that’s noticeably silkier and smoother. Completely sheer and ideal for all skin tones, Mineral Booster gently absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and pores for a beautiful even finish. Wear alone or buff over our Mineral Concealer and Foundation to lend extra staying power and to achieve a professi
onal and stunning porcelain matte look that will last all day.

How to use it?

Shake the Natural Mineral Booster back and forth to get excess loose powder into the tray. Gently glide over the powder with a Kabuki Brush to grab the powder, bring your brush to the cap to work in the powder to the brush, then tap off any excess. Apply to areas of the face that need coverage by working into the skin in a circular mo

It comes in two sizes:

Small 5.1 grams £3.50
Large 17.8 grams £5

What I think about the product?
  • it is sheer but I wouldn't say that it would match all skin tones, I'm freakishly pale and the powder is very light with pinkish undertone therefore I don't think it would match darker complexions but it's perfect for me,

  • it gives a matte, soft finish but its not chalky,

  • it feels very light and silky,

  • I got a couple of compliments saying that my face looks very fresh when I first started using it,

  • I use it to set my makeup and it seems to hold a bit longer,

  • it's ridiculously inexpensive (comparing for instance to Origins),

  • I like the whole idea of mineral makeup, it's great that it does a little extra for the skin,

  • it makes my skin looks poreless.

So YAY, I really like it.

Would I repurchase it??

I will repurchase,
this time a bigger one

Hope you find it helpful!
Have a fantastic weekend!

18 December 2009

UK bargain ALERT:)

I went to Boots today looking for late Xmas gifts
and I saw this baby:

Soap & Glory's Big Thrill Giant Hatbox

It used to be £50
now they sell it for £20!!

And that's what you can find inside:
  • A limited edition Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss 7ml
  • The Daily Smooth Body Butter 250ml
  • Clean On Me Body Wash 75ml
  • Flake Away Body Buff 50ml
  • Girligo Moisturising Mist 100ml
  • Hair Supply Hair Mask 50ml
  • Hand Food Hand Cream 50ml
  • The Greatest Scrub of All Facial Smoother 125ml
  • Clean Mary Facial Cleansing Milk 75ml
  • I-Foam Body Wash 200ml
  • Butter Up Body Butter 200ml
  • A super sized Sudsy Puff
  • A striped drawstring bag
I think that's a great deal!

Plus Soap & Glory formulas are not tested on animals.

I promised myself: no more trips to shopping centres!!
Otherwise I will have to move to a smaller flat soon..
Or sell my beloved car..

No more shopping before Xmas for me ladies!

Just wanted to share it with you because these babies sell out quickly!
People get brain washed before the holidays.
I saw older ladies grabbing 2 or 3 of these boxes each.
And it's already out of stock online:/

Hope you're all well

17 December 2009

musical ecstasy:>

Today I got a new Alicia Keys' album
"The element of freedom" and I'm loving it!
Especially song 'Love is blind'!!
OMG Her lyrics are so powerful!
I'm hooked:>
And 'Empire State of Mind part II'
O la la ladies!
'A must' for me!

Funny, this morning I was digging desperately in my wardrobe in search of some scarf
and I found these earrings that I bought in H&M 4 years ago!
I was never happier to see them:>
They remind me of times when I lived in Sweden
and I used to go to H&M like every second day as it's a Swedish label, they're really
popular there. In Stockholm's centre on every street corner there's H&M!
I loved it!

These earrings are made for winter!

And it's started snowing today:)
I forgot how much I enjoy the snow!

Till next time!


16 December 2009

christmas spirit

I think I finally started to feel upcoming holidays.
College is about to end and I'm flying home on Monday.
Xmas make me feel like a child again, it reminds me of simpler times:)
I've done the shopping but TV adverts make me feel that maybe I haven't done enough.
Do you ever feel pressured to shop?
Is that the commercialised Christmas magic?

I love Xmas but what I enjoy the most are the preparations.

Hope you all will have an awesome time!


15 December 2009

sex and the city part 2 :>

That's right ladies!
Second part of Sex and the city movie is coming up.
I absolutely loved the series.
The movie.. well.. it was ok..
I'd probably hate it if I didn't love the TV series.
But I do so..
Can't wait for the second part!

You gotta admit the poster looks glamorous!


14 December 2009

winter special part 2


Winter is here already for good so I wanted to share my favourite winter treatments.

Recently I realised that my skin feels much drier than usual. If I'm in a rush in the morning and forget about a body lotion, it's red and a bit itchy! Yuck!

So I pay more attention now and these are the cosmetics that never fail me:

The Body Shop - Coconut Body Butter

What do they say? 'An intensive, creamy butter offering up to 24 hours moisturisation. It absorbs into the skin easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin. Once you get over the indulgent tropical scent, slick this on and be transported all over again. Containing Community Trade shea and cocoa butter.'

What do I think? It"s perfect for normal/dry (in winter) skin. It has a very rich feeling on the skin. It leaves it feeling moisturised and soft. The only thing for me is that it takes some time to absorb so I usually put it on my skin and do my makeup or something to let it absorb. And the good thing that you need a little amount of the product so the package lasts forever.

Coconut Body Butter  - Body Moisturisers

The Body Shop The Passion Fruit Dry Oil Mist

What do they say? 'Helps to condition the skin. Provides women in marginalised, rural communities with the rare opportunity of regular work and income'

What do I think? It is a good alternative for classic oil. It dries much quicker. It smells divine and it's less messy. It moisturises really well.

Lush Strawberry massage bar

What do they say? 'Our fruity Massage Bar is made with crushed strawberries and an infusion of hibiscus flowers. It's scented with the same delicious fruit-sundae-with-cream-on-top aroma as our Yummy Yummy shower cream wash. Celebrate the
strawberry feels forever.

What do I think?
I simply love Lush massage bars! They melt when they touch your skin and make it soft and well moisturised. Lush has a whole range of massage bars and I tried most of them. I'd recommend to check it first in the shop before you buy it because some people might think their scent is a bit heavy. The other thing is that I can only use it after a shower at night as it leaves a really pleasant but noticeable layer of oil on my skin.

And the product that doesn't need an introduction!
Baby oil!

The one I' m using at the moment is Johnson's baby oil with lavender.

That's definitely a night time moisturiser for me.
Sometimes I like to put it on my feet and put socks over it.
In the morning I wake u
p with the softest feeling ever:)

Hope that's helpful Bellas:)

And by the way, I've seen 'New Moon' last week.
And I'm still definately Team Edward :> lol

And speaking of New Moon, there's an interesting link to check out here.
It was recommended by Kalel on YT.


10 December 2009

inspiration or blab about fave celebrities

Yet another post about my style/fashion/beauty inspirations.
I don't think that these two ladies are given enough of credit.

Evangeline Lilly

There's something very natural about her beauty.
She is stunning.
Yep, I like Lost and Josh Holloway and I always wanted
Kate and Sawyer to hook up lol
They would be so damn hot together hehehe

I'm happy that she became L'oreal's face
and hope to see her more often at the cinema.

Cat Deelay

I'm not sure if you guys remember her cheesy pictures from '90 lol
but now she is OH so glam!
Plus she's like 175cm tall and I'm 176 so I love her in heels
because I always think I look like a giraffe in high heels so she's 'tall gal' inspiration for me:)

And I think that Blake Lively is like a younger version of Cat.
Don't get me wrong. I don't think she copies her,
but they look very similar: hair, style, smile..
I dunno what but they defo alike.

Which celeb do you find inspirational?


08 December 2009

o la la! yummy:)

Just a quick note for those interested in antioxidants and green tea:)
I discovered not long ago This Water with passion fruits, peaches and spring water
it has added green tea extract (equivalent of 2 cups)!!

I really like the taste, it's fruity but not too sweet.

They sell it at my college coffee shop for £1.25.

I'm cutting down on feezy drinks and that's a great option!

Till next time:>


06 December 2009

elf cosmetics: yay or nay?

It's a first time that I ordered stuff from ELF website and I've never tried their cosmetics before but heard so much about it that I placed my order last Thursday. And... the parcel came yesterday!!:) Super quick! So far, so good:)

I know it's a lot of stuff but
1.yeah, I got a bit carried away:>
2. if you order for over£25, you get a free mini collection
(like a small makeup palette) and as I have LOADS of makeup (DUH!)
I decided to give it to my sister-in-law:)
good girl:)

So that's what I picked up:
  • clarifying pressed powder
  • complexion perfection
  • warm bronzer
  • translucent matte powder
  • mineral booster
  • mineral blush in plum
  • tinted moisturiser (shielding hydro tint SPF 15)
  • lip defning brush
  • total face brush
  • blushing, bronzing and blending brush
  • dramitic false lashes
  • eye widener
  • eyelash curler (the body shop one hurts my eyes! seriously)
  • toe separators:>

The stuff that I'm super excited about are:


'That's what they say on the www.eyeslipsface.co.uk :

'Achieve the ultimate, translucent "photo finishing touch" to your makeup, our Mineral Booster melts into your skin, infusing it with key vitamins A, B and E to promote healthier skin that’s noticeably silkier and smoother. Completely sheer and ideal for all skin tones, Mineral Booster gently absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and pores for a beautiful even finish. Wear alone or buff over our Mineral Concealer and Foundation to lend extra staying power and to achieve a professional and stunning porcelain matte look that will last all day.'

So I'm really curious! I'll probably review it for you guys later

And also COMPLEXION PERFECTION sounds really interesting:

'Create a balanced and radiant complexion that is beautiful and healthy. The lightweight formula evens out the skin tone and absorbs excess oil. The sheer formula brightens, mattes and neutralizes the skin.'

I used most of the stuff already:)
And I've got a very good first impression
BUT we shall see:)

Any experience with ELF?


04 December 2009

ouTfit of the day

Hello Dollies

Wanted to share with you my Outfit of the Day!

Tunic - Primark
Shorts - H&M
Tights - Primark
Scarf - old, dont remember where I got it:>
Boots- Red Or Dead
Necklace - Topshop

Check out Lu's post about Primark tights

For the make up I used Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Vol.II

And I love this nail polish by Gosh 'Deep Purple'.
Its made for winter:)


03 December 2009

The September Issue

I've just seen 'The September Issue'.
I think that if you are into Vogue or even fashion in general, you should see it.
Anna Wintour is a really charismatic and successful woman.
She impresses me and makes me feel pity for her at the same time.

It's not a movie that is going to change your life but it will show you a bit of the insides of the fashion industry.

My bf got bored while watching it and went to kitchen to make lunch
so I wouldn't recommend to watch it with the loved ones who are not into Vogue:) lol

According to Wikipedia:
She rises daily before 6 a.m., plays tennis and has her hair and makeup done, then gets to Vogue's offices at 8 a.m. She always arrives at fashion shows at their scheduled starting time. "I use the waiting time to make phone calls and notes; I get some of my best ideas at the shows," she says. According to the BBC documentary series Boss Woman, she rarely stays at parties for more than 20 minutes at a time and gets to bed by 10:15 every night. She exerts a great deal of control over the magazine's visual content. Since her first days as editor, she has required that photographers not begin until she has approved Polaroids of the setup and clothing. Afterwards, they must submit all their work to the magazine, not just their personal choices. But her control over the text is less certain. Her staffers claim she reads everything written for publication, but former editor Richard Story has claimed she rarely, if ever, read any of Vogue's arts coverage or book reviews. Earlier in her career, she often left the task of writing the text accompanying her layouts to others; former coworkers claim she has minimal skills in that area. Today she writes little for the magazine save the monthly editor's letter. She reportedly has three full-time assistants but sometimes surprises callers by answering the phone herself. She often turns her cell phone off in order to eat lunch uninterruptedly, and likes to have a good steak for her midday meal. Others who have known her likewise report that high-protein meals have been a habit of hers for a long time. "It was smoked salmon and scrambled eggs every single day" for lunch, says a coworker at Harpers & Queen. "She would eat nothing else"

hope you enjoy the movie!


shake it ;>

I was just thinking how difficult is to stay positive and optimistic when you wake up early in the morning for college/work/school, you look outside the window and its gloomy/rainy/freezing/dark. It makes me want to come back to bed:)

I found a perfect solution for that:
put some energetic music on, something that immediately makes you wanna shake that booty, dance or simply smile and let the music take over your body.
Let it flow with it. Stretch your muscles, jump a little or dance like there's no tomorrow! It can only be a couple of minutes. One or two songs.
But it really works- it makes you awake and ready to start the day with some positive vibe:D

These are some of my fave tunes:
  • Just Dance - Lady Gaga -> although Im still no getting her, this song makes me dance,
  • Smooth Criminal - MJ -> such a classic,
  • Bootylicious (Rockwilder Remix) - Destiny's Child,
  • Can't hold us down - Christina Aguilera -> that's right ladies!
  • Hush, hush - Pussycat Dolls,
  • Like I love you - Justin Timberlake ->that song always makes me shake it;>
  • Music- Joss Stone -> this one inspires me,
  • Shoulda let you go- Keisha Cole,
  • So what- Pink,
  • SOS- Jordin Sparks,
  • Get together- Madonna,
  • YMCA- Village People-> C'mon, I know its tacky but I cant help it!

That is just what works for me but I'm sure you could come up with something that makes you feel great and gives you a powerful start of the day!


29 November 2009

Xmass shopping pt 1

Last Friday I went to do some of the Xmass shopping. I'm not gonna lie - I truly enjoy any type of shopping LOL even crowded, tacky Xmass shopping.
I went to Boots because they have this whole ready gifts section.
In addition there's 3 for 2 thingy going on.
So I picked up 2things for my mum and I couldn't resist and got Harajuku perfume for myself!
Well, its not much of a perfume but the bottle is so cute.
I chose Love.
But there's 4 or 5 others.
They're £12 but I didn't really care as I used my Boots points
(its so worth it to save up the whole year and indulge myself during Xmass time).

If you looking for a perfume, I wouldn't recommend it.
The smell is great but it doesn't last as long as I wish it did and its only 10ml! But if you're into cute gadgets, don't miss out on this one!

And then I picked up this gorgeous jewellery stand
in New Look for £8.
Its pink and absolutely beautiful!

Hope you guys have good Christmas shopping experience
(and don't end up like me buying bunch of stuff for myself lol)


25 November 2009

make yourself a cup of tea!

Today I wanted to make a quick note about green tea because people are often not aware how beneficial it really is!

What makes green tea so special?

So here are just a few medical conditions in which drinking green tea is reputed to be helpful:
  • cancer
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • high cholesterol levels
  • cardiovascular disease
  • infections
  • impaired immune function
It is also rich in EGCG, powerful antioxidants which besides inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, it kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. It has also been effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels, and inhibiting the abnormal formation of blood clots.

Other benefits?

New evidence is emerging that green tea can even help dieters. In November, 1999, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of a study at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Researchers found that men who were given a combination of caffeine and green tea extract burned more calories than those given only caffeine or a placebo.

Green tea can even help prevent tooth decay! Just as its bacteria-destroying abilities can help prevent food poisoning, it can also kill the bacteria that causes dental plaque. Meanwhile, skin preparations containing green tea - from deodorants to creams - are starting to appear on the market.

Harmful Effects?

To date, the only negative side effect reported from drinking green tea is insomnia due to the fact that it contains caffeine. However, green tea contains less caffeine than coffee: there are approximately thirty to sixty mg. of caffeine in six - eight ounces of tea, compared to over one-hundred mg. in eight ounces of coffee.

(based on http://chinesefood.about.com/library/weekly/aa011400a.htm)

It all sounds a bit scientific but, all in all, it is a hell of a healthy drink and I truly enjoy its taste!

There's lots of different flavours but I like the pure green tea the best.

I usually drink 5-6 cups a day.

Sometimes I add a slice of lemon or a spoon of honey to give it a little twist:)

So ladies, grab your cups and make yourselves a cup of green tea! LOL


24 November 2009


Recently I started thinking about my favourite
style icons of all times and it's not easy..
especially now when entertainment industry is full of well-dressed people:)
if you know what I mean.

Lets get started!

Faye Dunaway

Such a fierce woman for her times and still looking gorgeous today.
I wish I can get old like her, with lots of dignity.

Jennifer Aniston

She's just so likable!
And I love her girl-next-door style. She doesn't look like she's trying too much.

Erykah Badu

I absolutely love her afro (I wish my hair could do that lol) and eclectic style!
And her music is amazing, it just flows and leaves you a positive vibe.

Beyonce Knowles

I admire her for bringing curves to the entertainment industry!
She's so beautiful and totally rocks this Balmain jacket.


22 November 2009

winter special

One of my favourite products for a shower in the morning during autumn/winter time is 'King of Skin'. It's basically a body butter that is meant to be used in the shower leaving the skin feeling luxuriously moisturised and glowing.
I usually don't need to use any lotion after as my skin seems subtle and soft. It has all these nice ingredients: fresh bananas, oatmeal, avocados, essential oils, lavender, sandal wood and rose.

I really recommend it because it's a great product that has been overshadowed by famous 'Buffy' but is a time saver and brilliant for winter!


19 November 2009

benefit's coralista vs nars' orgasm

Hello Ladies

At first, I need to apologise for the bad quality of pictures. I'm planning to get a better camera and until then I can only try to get the best out of the one I have.

I'd like to compare two already classic blushes:

Benefit's Coralista

Nars' Orgasm £18.50.

As you know I got Orgasm not long ago. I heard so much about that product that I couldn't wait to try it myself. However, I purchased Coralista before all the raving started, just when it go realesed. It caught my eye.

Both of the colours are absolutely gorgeous.
I must say I prefer Coralista!
It's more peachy than pink and it gives my cheeeks really healthy glow whereas Orgasm seems more sparkly and glittery
(and glitter is really chunky).

Coralista has also very soft finish and goes well with my extremely pale skin.
The consistency is so silky, satin soft. I love how it goes on my skin. Plus the packaging is adorable.
I also find Orgasm more pinky which is fine, depending on what you are looking for.

The upper finger shows Coralista and lower Orgasm. LOL

I like to change blushes but I tend to come back to Coralista. It is pricey but it lasts forever!
And the colour is stunning.

Hope you find it helpful!