A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

29 April 2011

Studious Friday

Another day of studying today.
An essay due next week and 3 exams.
Glad it isn't sunny today so I'm not tempted to drop the books
and go to the park.. lay on the grass and just be lazy.

Can't wait for the summer:-) So many plans..
But first, I need to deal with a ton of books, notes,
slides and highlighters..
Anybody out there stressed out studying?
A coffee with a doughnut seems like a lovely treat.

Am I the only person that didn't seem to be excited about
the Royal Wedding?

Have a lovely Friday xx

25 April 2011

guess who's back..

Long time no see ladies:-)
Thank you for sticking around with me..
And a warm welcome to my new lovely followers.

Yeah, I've been long for too long.. no excuses.

Quick update:
-I study psychology and sociology as a joint degree at Uni

-I have a part time job

-I LOVE MY LIFE at the moment :-)

- I missed blogging!!

- Very into beauty, makeup and fashion (I havent changed at all)

-.. and I might be in love.. but pssssh lol

-I became a blusher addict.. (I do believe that it can totally transform your look)

- and currently I'm overloaded with uni work :-/

So let me start by saying: Happy Easter guys..

I'm still red and heart my longer hair.
I think it suits me well and expresses my personality.

Hope you all had a fab weekend
and I shall be blogging much more often!