A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

31 October 2009

this is it

I went to see MJ's 'This is it' yesterday.
So many brilliant songs. And outfits:)
And it's in cinemas only for 2 week worldwide.
It was a must for me-such an icon of our times.

Have a lovely weekend!

27 October 2009

Review: Lush Vanishing Cream

So it's time for a review:) I've been using Lush Vanishing Cream for nearly 2 weeks now but I can already see the diffrence in my skin so I decided to share it with you guys.

What does it promise?

The Low Fat Moisturiser, making your skin troubles vanish.

If you have acne, oily skin, spots on your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) you could use a pot of our new Vanishing Cream. It's not magic though, it's beautifully traditional natural science. We make it with a new low-fat base so it's light as a feather and sinks in, in a trice. There's no cocoa butter; although we love it, we know it's not for everyone. Instead, we use shea butter and deeply softening linseed gel, with low-fat camellia, grapeseed and jojoba oils. Of course, you don't have to have problem skins use it; if you'd like a comforting, balancing moisturiser that keeps your skin clear with lavender, neroli and geranium essential oils then walk this way. But if your skin torments you every day, making you over-oily, spotty, red or sore then you definitely need this. Use it with Herbalism, Angels on Bare Skin, Fresh Farmacy, Tea Tree Water, or a new Tea Tree Toner Tab to take really good care of your face, naturally and safely.

Price: £14,95


  • it's smells lavender, I love to put it at night, it relaxes me,
  • it balances out the oils, moisturises my cheeks and gets rid of blemishes in the chin area (Im fighting with my spotty chin!)
  • I wake up with subtle and soft skin in the morning
  • light, nice texture, easily absorbed, need only a small amount
  • it's gentle, it doesn't aggravate acneand its suitable for sensitive skin

  • can't use it in the morning, my make up doesn't last, even with a primer
  • it makes me a bit shiny, specially forehead area
  • it's expensive!

Would I repurchase it?

YEAH, I would! :)

So all in all great product! I wasn't sure at first about Lush skincare but I decided to give it a go and I don't regret!

Hope you guys find it helpful!
Have a lovely evening!


23 October 2009


Hello my lovelies!

Guess what?! My Coastal Scents package just arrived! I feel like a kid on a Xmass Day!:)
So let's get started. I ordered two 88 palettes: a shimmer and a matte one and also 3 eye brushes. And I have to say that the customer service was superb! I ordered
it oline on Monday and voila it arrived Friday morning. During the week I could track it so I knew if it's moving forward:) They also packed it really well, nothing got broken or anything.

The quality of the eye shadows is really great- they're so pigmanted. What I also like about is the fact that there's so many diffrent shades! It's amazing! It inspires me to create diffrent looks.
The other thing is that you probably won't see any diffrence between matte and shimmer but my camera is sort of crap and lighting isn't the greatest. Their texture is totally diffrent, that's why I ordered both of them:)
Aah! Just one little thing that bothers me: the size of eyeshadows. It's a bit smaller than I expected but than again there's so many of them that I probably won't be able to use them all anyways.

I also ordered 3 eye make up brushes.
I'm also happy about their quality.
I just can't afford Mac brushes
so I'm pleased to find some cheaper alternatives.

I also receive an eye shadow sample.
I thought it was very sweet!
But then again who doesn't like freebies??:)

And that's my yesterday's look.

I won't be able to blog too often because
I'm going back to collage next week.
I have loads of homework waiting..
Yuck! I have to balance work and college
and it's not as easy as it seems:)

I'm also super excited because
I bought my very first own car!!! And I'm collecting it today!
It's a used Suzuki Jimny and I love it.
It definately has the personality:)

Hope you're having a great week. Can't believe that it's already end of October!!


19 October 2009

just a random note

Just wanted to share with you my morning look (around 7 o'clock, still in my PJ, hehe). I was just playing with my camera. The eyeshadows that I used are all from UD Book of shadows vol.II.

Today I ordered two 88 palettes from coastalscents.com, the matte and shimmery ones, plus a couple of brushes. I'm super excited because I tracked my order and its expected to arrive already on Friday!! So I will get to play with it soon. That's what I love about make up, it gives so much fun and allows you to get creative. The other thing is that I was surprised how cheap their make up stuff is! Can't wait!

I also wanted to show you guys the earrings that I picked up from Claire's today. Both of the sets are £5 each and I like that you can mix and match them. So Cute!

And yeah, I keep my earrings in Body Shop empty pot, it smells still gorgeous!

Hope you enjoyed my rambling and this little note.


18 October 2009


Hey guys, hope you're enjoying Sunday (hopefully a lazy one:D)
Just wanted to share my INs and OUTs.

So starting with what's IN for me at the moment:

  • Autumn- I think it's my favourite season, when I was going to work this morning, I noticed colourful leaves and when it's sunny, they look gorgeous. I also like to dress up with layers and scarves and cute hats:)
  • HoT drinks- I'm really into coffee, tea and looove white hot chocolate. I like to add a bit of cinnamon or vanilla sugar to my cup of coffee, I like when it has a little twist. Green tea is always in but now I also like fruit teas, white tea and peppermint-lemon tea.
  • Project Runaway- I am totally addicted. Just started season 6 and I want to take it slow cause Im afraid it'll finish it too soon;)
  • BiG shampoo from Lush- smells incredible and my hair has the volume and shine! It also stays fresh for longer so I don't have to wash it everyday. And I know that when you first see the pot, you might think: 'Im not crazy to rub sea salt in my hair!' but believe me, its not as harsh as it looks, it really works for my hair type.
  • BloggiNg- Im so glad I found my space to express myself and my passion for fashion and beauty:) this is so much fun you guys:)
  • Long cardigans- no need to explain:)

And my OUTs:

  • Short hair- I used to have short hair for at least 4 or 5 years and I loved it, but Im growing it now because I like changes and there's so much you can do with longer hair. Just sometimes I think it would be cool to go wild and get a funky short cut..
  • X Factor- I know everybody's excited about it and dont get me wrong- Im interested in who's gonna win this year, I just hate the way the programme is done, too much drama and fake pressure. That's just my opinion.
  • Lady Gaga- I don't get her, she's trying too hard.


17 October 2009

my first blog hAul! yey:)

Hello everybody! How are you? I wanted to share with you my shopping that I did last week. First I went to Boots and got myself Book of Shadows vol.II.

Now I know that everybody's raving about it but what can I say? I LOVE IT. I actually like it better than the first part. It consists of 16 eye shadows, 2 24/7 eyeliners (brown and black) and a tiny Primer Potion. I've been using it nearly everyday and it allowed me to create a different look every time I used it. In addition, the eye shadows are super pigmented and last forever. I was so surprised that the liner stayed on my waterline until the evening without without the touch ups during the day. So in general, I am very satisfied with this palette. I know it's not cheap (drugstore cheap) as it costs around £27 but I'd say it's worth it.

AAaa! Almost forgot! The pallet on top has this booklet with different make-up looks that I find really inspirational. Sometimes in the morning when I prepare myself to go to college, I can decide what I want:) I don't know which colours I want to wear, don't know if I wanna go dramatic or keep it simple etc. I know it sounds lame but sometimes I just feel this way.. Anyway that's when I have a look at the booklet and it really helps, I feel sort of inspired and challenge in a way and most of the time I come up with some pretty looks:)

The next thing that I got at Urban Decay counter was the brow kit in Brown Sugar. I probably shouldn't say it out loud but that's my very first eye brow kit ever!!! I know, I know! I always used an eye shodow or a pencil so I was very exited to get that. It has 2 shadows: one light and one dark (which is good as you can mix them up and create a perfect shade that suits you), small pair of tweezers (how cute is that!), tiny angled brush and it has also a hidden:) drawer with wax.
I'm also very happy with this product as it has everything you really need to have perfect brows. Plus, the packaging is adorable! As far as I remember it costs around £14.

the last thing I got there was L'oréal Double Extension ultra-lenghtening mascara. It has renewal serum on one side and mascara on the other. I wasn't too sure when I got it- I thought it's too much fuss to use first the white base and then mascara BUT I changed my mind! It's super easy to use and it gives brilliant effect! My lashes appear to be longer and thicker, it doesn't clump. The only thing that I'm not sure about is the serum. I can't really see the difference however my lashes are long and thick naturally so this mascara can really emphasise that.
Any opinions about this product guys? I'm really curious how is it working out for others:)

Than I went to Lush. First I have to say that it took me time to convince myself to Lush products. At first when I walked into one of the shops I was so overwhelmed with the smell that.... I left!!:D But I came back and I really enjoy their
products. So this is what I bought:

I realised I went a little wild but it happens to me quite often in shops like Body Shop or Lush. Can't help it:) The only excuse is that I had a 10% off voucher:)
So I got: Ultralight, Jacko (Bath Ballistic), Vanishing Cream,hair conditioner American Cream, Xmassy shower gel Snow Fairy, Mange Too and a toner Breath Of Fresh Air. Let's give it a week or two and I will review some of these products because I just got them and for the moment I looove them all ;-)

I also went to Topshop. I love the fact that students have 10% off all year long:)
I got only a plain long-sleeved shirt that can be used in soooo many different ways and outfits.
The second thing I bought is the necklace that I adore! It's one of those necklaces that even worn with a simple tee, can really make an impact!

My bf surprised me with a cute Haloween gagdet and I can't stop using it. It's spooky and adorable at the same time. He got it at John Lewis. I really lik
e automn:)
Hope you guys are having a great weekend!