A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

29 April 2010

hair update + FOTD

Hello my Lovelies!
Long time, no see.
I'm sorry to be gone for so long,
but I've been extremely busy recently.

I'm moving tomorrow to a bigger flat:D
I'm super excited!

I also lost now 11 kg:)
It happened sort of naturally as
I'm really busy now with collage,
work, choosing uni for september,
busier social life:)
I feel really good and fit, so yay:D

My hair is so long now
and I'm loving it.
I cut and style it myself.
I've been doing that for ages now.
I also have them lighter now,
I'm into caramel-ish shade at the moment.

Makeupwise, often in the morning
I'm going for a simple smokey eye
and nude lips but I still enjoy
colours, especially now, when spring is coming:)

I feel very positive recently.
All the changes gave me an amazing boost of confidence:)

Hope that you are all well
and share my spring (?!) optimism LOL

Promise to come back permanently soon,
once all the craziness is finished:)



  1. Love your hair!!and the color looks amazing!So lovely on you!

  2. Awww...you look so pretty. Sending you lots of positive vibes. =)

  3. you look so pretty! well done on losing so much weight (:, i need to get motivated!,X

  4. OMG 11 kg! I would love to loose some weight naturally too!! you look lgreat with ur new hair!

  5. Wow! 11kg is really A LOT!!! I really like your hair dear :)

  6. helloooo gorgey!! you look like a saucepot in your new piccature, GO YOU! <3 so proud of you feeling fabby and losing weight, happy thoughts sent your way! xxx

  7. good for you, glad everything is going well. you look great

  8. so beautiful, work it!! love your site, i'm following you now. check out my makeup site!


  9. I wish I could lose 11kg naturally lol x