A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

25 April 2011

guess who's back..

Long time no see ladies:-)
Thank you for sticking around with me..
And a warm welcome to my new lovely followers.

Yeah, I've been long for too long.. no excuses.

Quick update:
-I study psychology and sociology as a joint degree at Uni

-I have a part time job

-I LOVE MY LIFE at the moment :-)

- I missed blogging!!

- Very into beauty, makeup and fashion (I havent changed at all)

-.. and I might be in love.. but pssssh lol

-I became a blusher addict.. (I do believe that it can totally transform your look)

- and currently I'm overloaded with uni work :-/

So let me start by saying: Happy Easter guys..

I'm still red and heart my longer hair.
I think it suits me well and expresses my personality.

Hope you all had a fab weekend
and I shall be blogging much more often!


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