A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

05 May 2011

healthy snacks

It is a quite busy and stressful time for me.
Exams, essays, presentations, deadlines..
We've all been there at some point.
I've been spending countless hours in front of a laptop,
at the library, reading etc.
Also when I'm stressed I enjoy snacking but
as a part of a healthier lifestyle, I try not to stuff myself with junk food
(yes.. I said I try to..)

Here are things that I tend to hold on to when I need extra something:)

Eat Natural Bars:
there's lots of different flavours, full of dried fruit and nuts.

Rachel's Organic Greek Style Coconut yogurt:
it's creamy and very coconutty, perfect in the morning.

And yes, I'm a Grazer:-)
I receive my Graze deliveries every Wednesday.
I'm a fan of dried fruit and nuts.
I also love their flapjacks mmmmm

All the information can be found here.

Their packaging changes every week but it's always very cute.

Oh and my beloved blueberries!
I could eat them non stop lol
I usually add them to my yogurts or
eat them just like that.

What is your favourite snack?


  1. I really like Greek yoghurt with sliced apple and honey :-)

  2. Exam time is junk time...i hate it...my body is thinking why am i eating so much so randomly! I must snack healthy! =)

    ahana x

  3. Good luck with all your work, and I love my Graze boxes so much, it's so exciting receiving them and seeing what you get each week! x

  4. I just got some granola bits with mixed berries! :3 nommy
    graze seems very interesting!
    I wonder if they have something like this for here :P

  5. those look yummy and healthy!:)

    but i can't help but eat junk!XD

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