A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

29 March 2010

Black skinny jeans - yay or nay?

I went to Zara last week and I got myself
a pair of black skinny jeans for only £19.99:)

I wanted them forever but I've been on the hunt for
the perfect pair.

They are so universal and versatile!
Black jeans can be worn casually with trainers,
Tshirt and a blazer or chic with heels and a shirt.

I'm a little curvy and initially I wasn't sure
they would look good on me but I love them!
And look at Kim Kardashian:)

So what do you guys think? -
Black skinny jeans: YAY or NAY?



  1. yay defo!
    I'm on the prowl for a pair too at mo
    just wish my fat ass didn't get in the way :/


  2. Of course YAY! I have balck skinny jeans from Zara too. :) I love them. They can be worn with heels and look so chic and classy and just during the day with flats.

  3. Definitely a yay, I wear my pairs almost every day for work!x

  4. a 'yay' perfect for any look :)

  5. Yay! Go with everything :)


  6. Yay fosho! I love skinny pants! Its a must have!

  7. A def yay!! Blk is slimming and goes with everythang! :)

  8. I love skinny jeans and anything in black, so both things combined are even better. I'm still waiting to lose some post baby weight so I can go shopping :-)

  9. I'm a fan of black skinny jeans. They always seem to make my legs longer and skinnier than it actually is. =)

  10. Definite yay! I have 2 of the same pair, I am quite petite so it's very rare for me to come across perfectly fitted jeans, when I do I have to have an extra pair!

  11. yaya for the black skinnies, shame i dont have the perfect pins for them, but i do love them (new follower here :D feel free to check my blog 2 x)

  12. absolute yay on the black skinnies!

    ps lovely blog! You have yourself a new follower :) x

  13. lovely blog, i am now following :D
    please follow me too!
    oh and yay, black skinnies are defo good :)
    they go with tons of stuff!

  14. Definately yey!!love your post!!

  15. Hehe, glad everyone is saying "yay", because I bought a pair for myself last week during spring break and I really like them! Hope the week is going well for you darling! xoxo

  16. Definately yay!!

    I wear my black skinnies all the time!!!!


  17. Definitely yay! Mine aren't jeans really, but I love my black skinny pants!