A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

18 October 2009


Hey guys, hope you're enjoying Sunday (hopefully a lazy one:D)
Just wanted to share my INs and OUTs.

So starting with what's IN for me at the moment:

  • Autumn- I think it's my favourite season, when I was going to work this morning, I noticed colourful leaves and when it's sunny, they look gorgeous. I also like to dress up with layers and scarves and cute hats:)
  • HoT drinks- I'm really into coffee, tea and looove white hot chocolate. I like to add a bit of cinnamon or vanilla sugar to my cup of coffee, I like when it has a little twist. Green tea is always in but now I also like fruit teas, white tea and peppermint-lemon tea.
  • Project Runaway- I am totally addicted. Just started season 6 and I want to take it slow cause Im afraid it'll finish it too soon;)
  • BiG shampoo from Lush- smells incredible and my hair has the volume and shine! It also stays fresh for longer so I don't have to wash it everyday. And I know that when you first see the pot, you might think: 'Im not crazy to rub sea salt in my hair!' but believe me, its not as harsh as it looks, it really works for my hair type.
  • BloggiNg- Im so glad I found my space to express myself and my passion for fashion and beauty:) this is so much fun you guys:)
  • Long cardigans- no need to explain:)

And my OUTs:

  • Short hair- I used to have short hair for at least 4 or 5 years and I loved it, but Im growing it now because I like changes and there's so much you can do with longer hair. Just sometimes I think it would be cool to go wild and get a funky short cut..
  • X Factor- I know everybody's excited about it and dont get me wrong- Im interested in who's gonna win this year, I just hate the way the programme is done, too much drama and fake pressure. That's just my opinion.
  • Lady Gaga- I don't get her, she's trying too hard.


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