A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

19 October 2009

just a random note

Just wanted to share with you my morning look (around 7 o'clock, still in my PJ, hehe). I was just playing with my camera. The eyeshadows that I used are all from UD Book of shadows vol.II.

Today I ordered two 88 palettes from coastalscents.com, the matte and shimmery ones, plus a couple of brushes. I'm super excited because I tracked my order and its expected to arrive already on Friday!! So I will get to play with it soon. That's what I love about make up, it gives so much fun and allows you to get creative. The other thing is that I was surprised how cheap their make up stuff is! Can't wait!

I also wanted to show you guys the earrings that I picked up from Claire's today. Both of the sets are £5 each and I like that you can mix and match them. So Cute!

And yeah, I keep my earrings in Body Shop empty pot, it smells still gorgeous!

Hope you enjoyed my rambling and this little note.



  1. Hi hun, thanks for the follow (i've completely changed my blog background tonight and it's messed up alot of things so I hope it's still readable lol)

    Cute earrings! x

  2. thanks Lu, i left you a comment on your blog

  3. A need to get maself over to Claire's.. I can never bloody get right in there and look properly, i'm always squished by teeny boppers and 11 year olds on their first shoppin' trip ... so much squawking I can't stay in there for longer than 2 mins! ¬_¬ aaaayyy I love mix & match earrings - can't go wrong! :D xxx

  4. @ Jules///Chammy- hehe, yep I know what you mean:)
    teens and the banging music:/ it annoys the hell out of me;)
    BUT you know what?! it's worth it coz you may find so much funky stuff! some of it its rubbish but I like to explore:> xx

  5. next time i'm out into the city i'll put a brave face on and push ma glasses up (can't see for sh*t without them! NIGHTMARE!) and score me some bargainous accessories! xxx