A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

17 November 2009

my UPs & DOWNs

Currently I am sooo into right now:

CANDLES - they can make or break the atmosphere in my flat

MUSIC - gives me power and inspiration, I carry my IPod everywhere!

RAIN - I know it may seem odd but I really enjoy rain:)

Josh Holloway - yesterday, today, tomorrow LOL

COOKING - really enjoy cooking but I have to feel like doing it..

COLOURS are essential!

And what I struggle with:

BEING BROKE - yeah, student's budget:)

SECRET SANTA - we're doing it at college and I got someone I have no clue what to get for:/

MONDAYs - just hate them!

WAKING UP EARLY IN THE MORNING - do I really have to explain?!



  1. Totally agree with all your struggles. And the iPod thing as well!

    Thanks for the follow, loving your posts so far.

  2. thank you, it means a lot to me xx