A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

29 November 2009

Xmass shopping pt 1

Last Friday I went to do some of the Xmass shopping. I'm not gonna lie - I truly enjoy any type of shopping LOL even crowded, tacky Xmass shopping.
I went to Boots because they have this whole ready gifts section.
In addition there's 3 for 2 thingy going on.
So I picked up 2things for my mum and I couldn't resist and got Harajuku perfume for myself!
Well, its not much of a perfume but the bottle is so cute.
I chose Love.
But there's 4 or 5 others.
They're £12 but I didn't really care as I used my Boots points
(its so worth it to save up the whole year and indulge myself during Xmass time).

If you looking for a perfume, I wouldn't recommend it.
The smell is great but it doesn't last as long as I wish it did and its only 10ml! But if you're into cute gadgets, don't miss out on this one!

And then I picked up this gorgeous jewellery stand
in New Look for £8.
Its pink and absolutely beautiful!

Hope you guys have good Christmas shopping experience
(and don't end up like me buying bunch of stuff for myself lol)



  1. I love the new snow bunnies harajuku bottles :) I like 'g' but I havn't bought it yet. But i've got Boots points to so that's a good idea hehe! x

  2. ooo very nice! i loooove the jewelry stand (:

  3. @ Lu - I haven't seen the snow bunnies yet- I'll check it out next time I'm at Boots;)
    @ Neon Gypsy - thanks hun:)

  4. @Stella the one you got in the pic is already a 'snow bunny' hun. They have scarves and coats on etc for a special christmas bottle. The normal bottles look diff hehe. x

  5. @Lu LMAO hehe it makes sense now:) I checked it out online and Im planning some shopping. Thanks for clearing it out:) hehe

  6. hi stella..thanks for following my blog. i'm similar to u, when i go xmas shopping, i tend to buy something for myself as well...lol