A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

13 March 2010

Product that I regret buying- Lush Jungle hair conditioner

That's how Lush describes the Jungle
solid hair conditioner:
Solid Conditioner to tame all hair types.
Helen Ambrosen was the first person to make
a solid conditioner work and we are mightily proud of her.
She discovered that cocoa butter will slide
on to your hair to make it softer, then dissolve in water
to leave it shiny and smooth. Jungle feels different
on your hair from liquid conditioner; in fact,
until you wash it off you hardly notice it's there.
It's worth getting the hang of it though, because it's great
at giving hair a smoothing, detangling, fruitily scented coat
of shininess. Smooth it along the length of your hair from root
to tip, then rinse out like liquid conditioner. Dry your hair
and your comb will slide through your former tangles like
a hot knife through cocoa butter.

Cost: £4.10 per 100g

I tried to rub it into my hair, then make a paste
that I could leave in my hair and rinse it off after
couple of minutes - nothing seemed to be working.
It felt really heavy and difficult to apply.
It left my hair feeling greasy.
Plus, the smell was way too heavy.

It's a shame because initially I was
excited as it was the first solid conditioner
that I tried.

It really doesn't look encouraging lol
and it's difficult to use as it gets harder with time.

I don't like to just throw away stuff
but I couldn't think of any ways I could make it
work for myself.

That's how it looked in my bathroom's trash bin =)

Never again! lol

Have you ever tried it?
Did it work for you?



  1. I love this post. I really like knowing what didn't work for some people and although I love LUSH, some of their products I don't see as working that well for me. Never tried the solid shampoos or conditioners because they seem like so much work for lazy ol' me. They always tempt me when I am at a LUSH counter though, and I'm glad to hear this. No greasy hair thanks. Me and my wallet thank you!!! xoxo

  2. I hated this as well! I couldnt make it work and it was just money down the drain... dissapointed! x

  3. I too was very disappointed. To be honest, I think the whole idea is a bit illogical. Even though cocoa butter 'dissolves' in hot water, it still leaves a residue. It made my hair greasy and heavy, laden with product. Would not buy again :(

  4. Its a lovely post!!Nice to hear which product dont work!!!

  5. good to know!! thank you for that review doll!

    xxx suzanna

  6. I hated this so much. It made my hair really greasy and the smell made me feel sick. It was really difficult to wash out aswell.

  7. I love this post jejeje...
    By the way,I've nominated you to do a TAG , it's about makeup. I hope you to do it !