A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

03 December 2009

shake it ;>

I was just thinking how difficult is to stay positive and optimistic when you wake up early in the morning for college/work/school, you look outside the window and its gloomy/rainy/freezing/dark. It makes me want to come back to bed:)

I found a perfect solution for that:
put some energetic music on, something that immediately makes you wanna shake that booty, dance or simply smile and let the music take over your body.
Let it flow with it. Stretch your muscles, jump a little or dance like there's no tomorrow! It can only be a couple of minutes. One or two songs.
But it really works- it makes you awake and ready to start the day with some positive vibe:D

These are some of my fave tunes:
  • Just Dance - Lady Gaga -> although Im still no getting her, this song makes me dance,
  • Smooth Criminal - MJ -> such a classic,
  • Bootylicious (Rockwilder Remix) - Destiny's Child,
  • Can't hold us down - Christina Aguilera -> that's right ladies!
  • Hush, hush - Pussycat Dolls,
  • Like I love you - Justin Timberlake ->that song always makes me shake it;>
  • Music- Joss Stone -> this one inspires me,
  • Shoulda let you go- Keisha Cole,
  • So what- Pink,
  • SOS- Jordin Sparks,
  • Get together- Madonna,
  • YMCA- Village People-> C'mon, I know its tacky but I cant help it!

That is just what works for me but I'm sure you could come up with something that makes you feel great and gives you a powerful start of the day!


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