A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

10 December 2009

inspiration or blab about fave celebrities

Yet another post about my style/fashion/beauty inspirations.
I don't think that these two ladies are given enough of credit.

Evangeline Lilly

There's something very natural about her beauty.
She is stunning.
Yep, I like Lost and Josh Holloway and I always wanted
Kate and Sawyer to hook up lol
They would be so damn hot together hehehe

I'm happy that she became L'oreal's face
and hope to see her more often at the cinema.

Cat Deelay

I'm not sure if you guys remember her cheesy pictures from '90 lol
but now she is OH so glam!
Plus she's like 175cm tall and I'm 176 so I love her in heels
because I always think I look like a giraffe in high heels so she's 'tall gal' inspiration for me:)

And I think that Blake Lively is like a younger version of Cat.
Don't get me wrong. I don't think she copies her,
but they look very similar: hair, style, smile..
I dunno what but they defo alike.

Which celeb do you find inspirational?



  1. Ooo, I love Cat Deeley!. She's beautiful =). Where has she been lately?

  2. Linda, she's a host of 'So you think you can dance'. Thanks for following x

  3. I love LOST!!!!!
    And Sawyer is super hot!! haha
    They will be a very nice couple!
    I can't believe that in real life, Kate's boyfriend is Charlie!!! it's crazy!!

  4. Gosh, I haven't seen Cat in the media for ages! She still looks great in that picture. :)