A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

17 December 2009

musical ecstasy:>

Today I got a new Alicia Keys' album
"The element of freedom" and I'm loving it!
Especially song 'Love is blind'!!
OMG Her lyrics are so powerful!
I'm hooked:>
And 'Empire State of Mind part II'
O la la ladies!
'A must' for me!

Funny, this morning I was digging desperately in my wardrobe in search of some scarf
and I found these earrings that I bought in H&M 4 years ago!
I was never happier to see them:>
They remind me of times when I lived in Sweden
and I used to go to H&M like every second day as it's a Swedish label, they're really
popular there. In Stockholm's centre on every street corner there's H&M!
I loved it!

These earrings are made for winter!

And it's started snowing today:)
I forgot how much I enjoy the snow!

Till next time!



  1. People dont see what I see...nice tune, Stella! Thnq for that :)

  2. Hey1 Im a new follower! Thanks for following my blog :)
    I agree that Alicia's songs are amazing. I like the new song with Jay-Z "Empire State of Mind"

  3. @ Divija Reddy - oh, you're very welcome hun, glad that somebody is sharing my passion for Alicia:) x

    @Kasia_B - welcome & thanks for subscribing! x

  4. 40 followers :) cool darl! I can see u going places :) keep up the great work! thnq for d sweet msg :)

  5. Oh, Divija, Im super excited about my followers:) It's nice to see that ppl acctualy want to read my rambling;)so glad to have you guys! hehe xx