A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

12 January 2010


Today I feel a little down.
It's not the end of the world
but Im not my usual 'happy' self.

Maybe its the weather.

Or the fact that I have a little cold.
Or lots of stuff that I need to do for collage
and all I can do is hanging out in front of my laptop.
I dunno.

I figured out that's the video
that always helps me during days like that.

It just cracks me up!

I love Friends.
I started giggling like a child:)

What are you ways to survive days like that?


  1. omg i love this , so funni xxx

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Cold weather always gets me down.

  3. I love friends too!! Always funny!! Like the star glasses =D

  4. Hey! I have exactly the same star glasses :)

  5. Like your Header and the Pic!
    Come and visit my Blog:)


  6. Cheer up babe!!! I hope you will feel better soon. I have been pretty down lately as well due to job hunting and lots of rejection letters.

  7. Sheer up, sweety! I hope your cold goes away!
    Thanks a lot for the following!

  8. I usually cheer myself up by sniffing beauty products, like stuff from Lush hehe.

    About the bareminerals, was there anything you specifically you wanted to know? I really like the foundation and the kabuki and flawless face brush but I don't really use the concealer brush. I don't use the warmth or mineral veil either. I also found that the lightest colour foundation in the box (called light) is actually a tiny bit too dark for me but they do do a lighter shade at baremineral counters called 'fair' which I might ask for a sample of instead so I know whether to buy fair or light again as I have ran out of bareminerals awhile ago and have been using Prestige mineral foundation from Boots instead which is good too but I'd like to go back to bareminerals. x

  9. @jules- I couldnt live without Friends lol x

    @trishie koh- thanks hun, I feel better even though its still freeeezing lol x

    @Fashion Nicotine- yep girl, its such a classic:) x

    @Kasia- what a coincidence!:) hehe x

    @Sina- thanks girl, I will have a look! x

    @bowsnhearts - no worries, Im feeling better, it was just one of those days that everything goes wrong, if you know what I mean:) x

    @Catanya- your welcome dear:) x

    @Lu- thanks for all the info. I was just curious if you liked it. For me acctually 'Fairly light' shade is perfect. I tried to use the mineral veil but it makes me too shiny so Im using just a tiny tiny bit. I really like the brushes. Not too sure about the concealer- it doesnt cover my under eye bags:) Im also trying to work out how to use warmth cos it just appears too dark on my skin lol
    thanks for the update doll x

  10. ah i neeeeeded to see this tonight!!! hilarious!