A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

08 January 2010

urban decay alice in wonderland palette

Isn't it exciting?

n Decay Alice in Wonderland palette -
a 16 shade eyeshadow colour palette,
2 24/7 e
yeliners (flipside & zero) and an eyeshadow primer potion.
I think that at least 5 shadows have been renamed
and can be found in Book of Shadows I and II
but there's al
so some exclusive ones!

The packaging is adorable!

I found some information that UK is limited to
2000 palett
Not sure about that.
Hopefully I'm mistaken!

How cute is that?

The movie is getting released in UK on the 5th of March.
Makeup looks sooo impressive!
It will be fun to see it especially in 3D.



  1. omg, this is gorgeous! I haven't seen it here in the states ;(

  2. @ Beautygirl24 - I think it was released in US Sephora at the end of Dec and everywhere else it will appear in March. But its very limited edition:/ so I guess it sells out quickly xx

  3. gulp... i love things all alice in wonderland related! o.O Don't wanna get my hopes up because I'm always a slow mojo to get limited edition/fast selling items LOL >.< eee! Bloomin heck.. Look at CURIOUSER! & Underland.. gorgeous! Think i'm just going to stare. And swooooon. SWOOOON! xxxx

  4. I am not sure about having luck to get that palette Jules but Im sooooooo gonna see the movie! Yey! And I just think that the packaging and the whole idea of the palette is fab, just not getting the whole limited edition thingy..

  5. This is so cool..love the colors!

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
    AMazing! And the shades have the names of the characters ! CUTE

    "Today I am wearing Alice, tomorrow maybe ill wear the queen"
    wooooow :O

    cant wait for the movieee to come out!
    especially 3D!

    following because your blog is FANTASTIC ***
    follow me too on stuckinadumbdaze.blogspot.com


  7. @JSotiriou - thanks for following girl,
    you are so sweet:)

    and its true with the names of the shadows. I love all the unusual ones.
    my faves are 'drink me eat me' and 'midnight tea party':> such a cool idea!


  8. hey thanks for the follow dear...

  9. i need one of these in my life! hehe xo