A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

30 January 2010

Primark make up: yay or nay?!

I had doubts if Primark make up is even worth trying.
But I was pleasantly surprised
with their kohl pencils!
They have a great range of colours
(lots of bright ones)
and if they're used with a primer,
they stay in place all day.
The set of two with a sharpener is only £1!
Plus they're soft and creamy.

I like using bright colours.
It can be put on both of the lashlines
or only the lower one with a really neutral

I've got quite a lot of eye liners and kohl
pencils. I really like the Make Up Forever
ones but since I discovered Primark pencils,
I prefer to save some money
for my other addictions lol

Any experience with Primark make up?

Hope that everybody had a great Saturday!



  1. I actually like the colours
    people can def. pull it off.

  2. Wow you suprised me. I would also doubt they are good quality pencils.
    Interesting! :)

  3. was quite sceptical abt d quality coz i dont wanna mess up with my "already ugly" face ;) love d last pic

    hmmm....u r injurious to my wallet!

  4. Some Primark makeup isn't good. The blusher I bought the other day has NO pigment, the mascara was like glue! But I agree that the eye pencils are good. And I also like their pigments (like dazzle dusts), think I have those in every colour hehe. x

  5. @Divija LOL I love your comments! They always make me smile! I'm planning to do one of your tags soon xx

    @Lu - Thanks for sharing girl. I only tried their pencils but Im gonna check out the pigments as well xx

  6. I regret it now that I didn't know anything about the quality pencils. Otherwise, I'd have added them to my musthave list of my one time swap (I still wait for the package).:-( It would be great if a blogger form the UK or Ireland would do a giveaway with good Primark cosmetics products. I'm sure that I'm the first who takes part in it. :-) Anyways, thanks for your helpful post.
    Best wishes from Germany