A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

19 January 2010

my make up bag

how much junk
can a woman carry with her
on daily basis?! lol

Yeah, that's my make up bag that
I usually have with me.
I'm one of those girls
who enjoys having all her life
carried around with her.

This clutch is from The Body Shop that I got
as a freebie
(one of those 'spend £15
and get this one for free' kind of bag).

And inside I have:
- a comb
- a mini Batiste dry shampoo
-Lush solid perfumes
-Yves Rocher hand sanitiser
-The Body Shop hand cream
- a mirror
-Sephora face powder
-pain killers
-a plaster
-hair grips
- a ring (Primark)
- some perfume samples
- candy
- a plastic giraffe lol

I usually don't do any touch ups
to my eye make up so I don't
carry any shadows or liners.
Sometimes if I need to,
I just pop something
extra into the bag.

I was amazed how many lip products I found there:

-The Body Shop lip butter
-Dior Kiss lipgloss 008 sorbet meringue
-Smashbox O-Gloss
-Jemma Kidd lipgloss
(got it for free with Bodyform sanitary towels)
-Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker in Candy Gloss
-The Body Shop Colourglide lipstick 42
- Gosh Darling

That's a lot of stuff.
But it makes me feel ready for any situation.
It gives me comfort lol

Do you carry so much around?
Or maybe I'm the only lunatic here;)



  1. U r sure a body shop junkie, jus like me;) LOL

    I have tonnes of lip products in my makeup bag, just like u ;)

  2. I always carry lippy/foundation around with me but other than that I travel light, ha.
    Love the 'ickle batiste :).

  3. I love the colors of those lippies :)

  4. I counted about 10 lippies, glosses, and balms in my bag...CRAZY!! I just keep throwing new ones in with taking the old ones out...if I ever get robbed, they'd get no money--but lots of lip products!!

  5. I travel light because my bags are so small, so i only have lipgloss and compact powder with me all the time.

  6. @ Charlotte & trishie - I wish I could do the same! But I can't lol I feel uncimfortable without my junk:) x

  7. Trust me, you're not insane. I carry almost all of the products I use in whatever look I'm doing. I got a big brown make up bag that's so stuffed!

    Seeing your Smashbox O-glow l/g makes me miss mine. I think I may have either lost it or it was taken from me.

  8. I used to carry a whole buncha stuff with me but i never touch up anyway haha! :P
    So I just bring my lip products because I hate chapped lips :p
    I need to try some of the stuff you have :) Looks nice :P