A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

28 January 2010

Elvive Full Restore 5 range review

Hello my lovelies!

I've been using Elvive Full Restore 5 shampoo and conditioner
for about 3 weeks now and I will be using it for
a while as I got them both in Tesco in
'buy 1 get 1 free' kinda deal.

So what does the Full Restore range do then?
Well, it claims to combat 5 signs of hair decay or
rather five common problems.
It claims to give you back strength, density,
vitality, shine and silkiness.

'Yeah, right!' you might be thinking but
I have to say that the Full Restore range
has surprisingly impressed me,
my coloured hair is looking better all round within
three weeks of using all the products.
The results were actually pleasing from
a high street brand.
It left hair soft and manageable
without weighing it down

and it also kept it looking shiny and healthy.

I just noticed that the endings are still
dry and I wanted
to try the leave-in conditioner.
I usually stay away from this sort of conditioners
being afraid that they're too heavy for my hair
but this one is really light!
I like the fact that it can be used both
on dry and wet hair.
It leaves my hair smelling great as well.

Overall 5/5.

You might have seen the adverts with the lovely
Cheryl Cole, flopping her big bouncy hair all over the
place and boasting how Loreal Elvive Full Restore 5
has radically transformed her locks.

Well, she is pretty but I've seen that
in other countries than UK,
it's Evangeline Lilly (also the face of L'oreal)
who advertises this range.
And I know that this opinion isn't too
popular but I prefer her much more than Cheryl Cole!
She has this natural beauty and charm about her.
Cheryl is also pretty but when I look at her,
I can see the whole crowd of stylist, make up artists,
hairdressers.. who take care of her image.
Evangeline Lilly seems more natural
and reminds me that
the true beauty comes
from within.

What do you guys think?



  1. Souds nice! I'd try the conditioner.

  2. I hope it works for you hun cos it's such a good quality for a high street product xx

  3. I love this product! The mask has t be my favourite! great blog hun, iv added you and will keep havin a look =) xxx