A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

18 January 2010

INs and OUTs


1. bareMinerals foundation!
That stuff is great.
Doesn't feel like wearing makeup
and has a great coverage.
Plus makes the skin look glowy!

2. Twitter.
I know, I know.
But its such an amazing way
to connect with people!

3. Watching Sesame Street
to cheer yourself up.
It reminds me how uncomplicated
the world is when you're a child.

4. Cute accessorises.

5. Essential oils.
My whole flat smells
with lavender.

It's a blessing in winter!

7. Lost
The final season starts in February.
mmm Josh Holloway..

8. Green Tea
It is my constant IN.


1. Fake tan.
Let's face it:
my skin will never look natural
with a layer a fake tanner.

2. Lush mania
Don't get me wrong: I love Lush products!
But it got so popular recently.
Plenty of blog posts and You Tube videos
filled with reviews, how to and hauls..
I kind of liked it when people were going like:
'Lush?! What's that?'
I guess that was inevitable.
Still gonna shop there. Defo.

3. Lily Allen and Karl Lagerfeld

Dear Karl,
WHY when you could have
any model, artist,
or singer in the world… why Lily?
Is it her pink hair or her catchy
commercial pop melodies?
It’s hard to say exactly
why this duo is out
when we are still very unclear
about why it was ever in!

4. Skinny jeans
I like them so much
but I have to be honest:
I will never look like Kate Moss

wearing them
and it's time to let them go.

Yay for curvy shapes!

Agree/ Disagree?

Hope that you had
a lovely beginning of the week!



  1. Haha, I am so with you on LUSH mania! Ok, I confess: I have never even set foot in a LUSH store, nor have I tried their products. But I feel like its kinda overrated!

  2. I'm with you on the "in" things. Bio oil is heaven sent for me!

  3. Def. a fan out cute accessories, especially the vivienne westwood one you posted!

  4. I used to hate skinny jeans too... I thought that they make me look more skinny than I am...but now I love them!

  5. @ yoli- lucky you girl! I like skinny jeans in theory but they're not suitable for my body shape:/ x

  6. babes, could u pls do a review on bio oil if u havent already!

    YAY 4 d curves, I AM IN ;)

  7. Sure Divija, I'll do it love!
    I'll post a review once I put it all together some time this week:) x

  8. i agree so much with the Bare Essentials foundations .... ther FAB, perfect coverage but so so light on your skin! also i love cute acccessories, weather its good ol' viv westwood or cute Tiffany!


  9. Luckily enough for me, very few of my friends know or have ever tried out Lush. As for the skinny jeans, YAY to real curves but you don't have to disappear when you turn to the side in order to wear them.

    Try a pair of black jeans, I love them!

  10. @Vi and Ollie- Funny cos I was actualy thinking for some time now to get a black jeans! x