A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

20 January 2010

Estee Lauder Day WearPlus Multi Protection Cream review

Lovely beauty blogger Kasia
requested that review and I am more
than happy to help:)

First of I'd like to share with you the information
that I found on the Estée Lauder web site.

Day WearPlus Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant
SPF 15 Cream is available in 2 versions: for dry skin
and normal/combination skin.

This protective moisturiser actively shields skin to help
prevent lines before they appear —
so your skin looks smoother and healthier, longer.

Helps protect skin from the multiple assaults of the environment:

Anti-Oxidant Protection
An ultra potent blend of anti-oxidants includes rare
South African Red Tea, Grape Seed,
and a supercharged combination of Vitamins C and E.
Re-energises skin's own defenses with
White Birch Extract and Eukarion.

UV Protection

Helps turn away the sun's damaging rays
with a skin-friendly, ultra gentle SPF 15 sunscreen.

Moisture Protection

Dual moisture system keeps skin feeling hydrated and healthy.
A special moisture magnet provides
an instant burst of hydration.
Our nourishing Tri-Lipid Blend boosts skin's own
moisture barrier so internal moisture is conserved.
Normal/Combination Skin creme is lightweight and refreshing.
Glides over skin with a fresh, cooling sensation.
Balanced hydrators keep skin feeling soft and supple.
Dry Skin creme is rich, creamy and wonderfully emollient.
Intensively nourishing moisturisers leave skin
cushioned, comfortable. Also ideal for colder, drier climates.
Both have a fresh cucumber scent


Apply every AM and PM after Repair Serum.


Dermatologist-tested Non-acnegenic


Every day, your skin is under attack from environmental
factors that can lead to visible ageing, including:
UV rays Dehydration Free radicals
— those damaging molecules
that can lead to the appearance of premature lines.
Skin has its own natural defenses against
free radicals and other types of environmental damage.

But in today's world, these defenses can simply be overwhelmed.
To stay looking younger longer, your skin needs help.

The potent anti-oxidants in DayWear Plus
are part of a unique encapsulation system.
When free radicals attack, these tiny beads
instantly burst—releasing a wave of anti-oxidant protection.

This "active response" system cleverly helps
neutralise skin-ageing free radicals.

Now, it is an investement as the price
of 50ml is £33.
I was lucky to get mine for Xmas.
I have the one for normal/combination skin.
It feels luxorious and moisturising.
A little goes a long way.
This is a seriously nice moisturizer
pleasant scent (almost a bit cucumber-ish),
not greasy, provides moderate protection (SPF 15)
without looking chalky and
it goes well under makeup.
I works really well for my skin.
And I like the fact that it has SPF 15.

Also I found that on www.totalbeauty.com
it got 9.2 out of 10 points.

Skincare is a rather individual case.
Something that works well for one person,
doesnt have to be great for another.
Probably the best way would be to get a sample
and try it out before spending £30 for nothing.

Hope this review is helpful!
Any experience with this cream?



  1. Thank you so much! Sounds like a really nice cream. I'll ask for a sample at Sephora :)

  2. This is my favorite moisturizer! :-)

  3. I have the same one, and it changes your skin in positive ways :) i love it. Its worth the $

  4. supa dupa review, sweetie! glad it worked for you! Yet to try this!