A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

16 January 2010

I love Saturdays

I love lazy Saturday mornings
A cup of coffee and a fab magazine.
Could I ask for more?

Yesterday my Bf came back from Paris
and he surprised me with this beautiful bottle of perfumes.

I found this description on ninaricci.com:

'This fresh and timeless fragrance
is a unique combination of contrasts.
The legendary accord of spicy carnation
and gardenia is subtly tinged with rose
and jasmine from Grasse and caressed with
sandalwoodand iris for even more sensuality.
A fragrance of emotion, L’Air du Temps exudes
a mysterious power of seduction.
Its fragrance blends into
the personality of each woman
to bring out her sensual charm and refinement.'

Maybe my Bf wants to suggest me something? LOL
And who says that women tend to overthink or overanalyse stuff:)

I hope that everybody's weekend started at least as well as mine:)



  1. So sweet of your bf to surpise you with that! I love when my husband surprises me with things! It's sweet to know they were thinking of you! :D

  2. yeah, I totally agree! its suoer nice when you're not excpecting anything and he surprises you with something special! we're are lucky girl:) xx

  3. Thoughtful BF ;) enjoy ur weekend luv! Tell me, did u like d fragrance?

  4. To be totally honest, Divija, when I first got it, I wasnt in love with the smell.. its kinda mature and heavy but in a nice way!:)
    Now Im really into it and just tiny amount stays on for a long time.
    Its one of those smells that take a little while to get used to but once you do, you're totally loving the smell.
    Hope you had an awesome weekend love x

  5. I like your mug...very graphic and fun. I love reading perfume descriptions; I literally go on Sephora's website and read through them.

  6. i love lazy days on the weekend too! i like the name of your blog. when i saw it i was like HEY i know where that's from! ;)

  7. I just found your blog and i love it!!!
    I so subcribed.
    The purfume looks amazing and that is so nice of him to buy it for you. lucky that he got to go to Paris!!'
    Well my weekend at the moment is endless because australia is still currently on holidays. but when school starts back i will be there mon-fri and working sat and sun. therefore all work and no play ahaha.
    I hope your holidays were nice.

  8. that's such a beautiful bottle!

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  9. Exactly the same way, I love passing my sundays with my favorite magazines and a cup of starbucks!

  10. too bad the weekend is already over... ok... not for the ones in the states then. MINE is already over :S booh to that! oh well, I have a long weekend upcoming...


  11. @ Jordy - Thank you for following!
    Im thankful I got that perfume and I start to like its fragnance more and more. Acctually my Bf is French so he goes to visit family & friends once in a while. And sometimes we go there togheter. I love Paris!
    Hope that you get to enjoy your holidays before you have to come back to the daily routine.

    @ Froso - I know. It's just the best, isnt it? Me, myself, fave mag and coffee LOL heaven:)

    @ Toothfairy - I can feel your pain girl LOL