A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

05 January 2010

back to business:>

I'm back ladies!!
I hope that everybody's well.
So happy to finally get some time for my blog.
I've missed you guys:)
It was such a busy period.
Initially I was ambitious and I thought I will write all
my essays and finish some projects for college BUT
..well.. I don't even know when these 2 weeks passed.
I didn't have time for internet, I was spending time with family and friends.
Had to catch up with the loved ones.

But I am officially back.
A little sick but who isn't with the crazy snow and temperature?!
So let's get back to business:)
I got some great goodies this year.

Estée Lauder Beautiful Skin Solution Prevention Set:
  • Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher
  • Advanced Night Repair Protective Eye Recovery Complex
  • DayWear Plus Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF 15

My Mum totally surprised me with this awesome pack!
I wanted especially this serum for ages and so far I really like it.
It makes your skin uber smooth and poreless without the skin feeling tight.

Next up I got Gucci Flora set: a perfume and a body lotion.

I totally suck when it comes to describing scents lol so I'll count on www.nstperfume.com :

Flora smells very of-the-moment: it’s light, clean, fresh and pretty, which I hope is what perfume consumers were after this spring because there’s plenty of it on the counters at the moment. The notes for Flora are listed as citrus, peony, rose, osmanthus, pink pepper, sandalwood and patchouli, but they don’t matter too much: this is a sheer, almost-sparkling floral, very pale and clean, in which nothing stands out other than the peony, and even that only for a short while. It smells like it’s been through a rigorous series of focus groups designed to ensure that it would not ruffle feathers on anybody anywhere: there’s nothing sharp in the citrus-y opening, it’s floral but not too floral, it’s vaguely peach-y but not too fruity, it’s sweet-ish but not too sweet.

I must say I really like this perfume.
It's sort of sweet but not heavy if you know what I mean.

I also wanted to get something for myself this Christmas
so when I got home I went to Sephora

I wanted this set forever lol

bareMinerals Get Started 8-piece collection (fairly light and light)

  • 2 SPF 15 Foundations
  • Mineral Veil
  • bareMinerals Warmth All-Over Face Color
  • Full Flawless Face Brush
  • Flawless Application Face Brush
  • Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

  • Get Started DVD
  • Booklet
  • Primer sample

I'm really into mineral make up recently so
I cant wait to try out these products:)

Of course as sales started I couldn't hold myself and I did some shopping lol
One of my favourite items I got is this bright pinky bag!

I hope that you all had
a fab time this Christmas

I wanted to wish you all an awesome New Year!

(better late than never lol)



  1. Hello! :) welocme back!
    Lovely post. This estee lauder set looks great. Will you do a review on that?
    I'd be grateful, cuz Im looking for some good cream at the moment.

  2. Lots of nice pressies. I've got the same bareminerals kit. And just incase you find, like I did, that both foundations are slightly too dark for you, they do make a lighter colour called 'lightest' (I think) which u can get at the bareminerals counters at debenhams.

    Happy New Year :) x

  3. Love the blog!


  4. @ Kasia - sure I can make a review, glad that you asked:) xx

    @ Lu- thanks for the tip! xx