A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

07 January 2010

review: greatest scrub of all (soap & glory) and aapri scrub cream

So in my Soap & Glory Big Thrill Giant Box
that I picked up before Christmas
one of the products that I was really excited about
was Greatest Scrub of all (£8).

On the package it says: Facial Exfoliator with smooth-boosting spheres
that pop open when you press on them.
I thought that it's quite unique so my expectations were high.

For couple of months now I've been using Aapri Scrub Cream (£3.20).
It contains ground apricot kernels,
apricot kernel oil, aloe vera and

vitamin E to deep cleanse and remove dirt,
grease and dead skin cells.

I must say that I have mixed skin and I need to exfoliate twice a week.

Aapri really worked for me- after using it,
my skin was smooth and felt really clean.

I came to a conclusion that Soap & Glory scrub isn't for me.
It's very creamy and it has some exfoliating spheres
but it's too gentle for me.
I think it could be better for dry skin.

The left one is Soap & Glory, the right one Aapri.
You can spot the difference right away- S&G looks like a cream,
Aapri looks very grainy.

So now as I don't want to waste the whole tube (DUH!),
I mix them together!
It gives this really exfoliating and moisturising paste!
Genius! lol

Big Thrill Giant Hatbox
is the first set
of Soap and Glory products that I tried and
in general I have to say that I really like this range.
They're moisturising and rich.
I'm also a sucker when it comes to packaging
and I really love S & G stuff.
It's sort of modern vintage:)
So cute!

Any personal experience with Soap & Glory range?



  1. hi :D love your blog that for following :d, i was just wondering where did u buy the Aapri scrub from ?xx

  2. jules, i got it at Boots and I think they should also have it at Superdrug here in UK:)

  3. i like the idea of mixing them togehter :)
    i nominated you for an award on my blog btw