A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

02 February 2010

Big shampoo from Lush? No, thank you.

Initially I wasn't sure about using Big shampoo
from Lush.
I was like 'What the hell,
why should I rub salt into my hair

and how is it going to do any good?!?'
But after the first use, my hair felt really clean
(it certainly removes all the hair products residue
and junk
from your hair and scalp).
Plus, it made it smooth and silky.

However, I colour my hair every 4-5 weeks
and I noticed
that Big makes the colour
fade away MUCH faster.

It's definitely not a daily use product
for coloured hair.

It has sea salt, seaweed and lime juice
and used daily, it made my hair feeling really dry.

Now I use it once a week as a 'detox' shampoo
just because it cleans all the junk away and
as I already bought it, I want to finish my pot lol

I wouldn't recommend it to anybody
with coloured hair but it probably works
miraclesfor those with normal/greasy hair.

Did anybody else noticed that about Big?

Hope you're having a nice beginning of the week.



  1. Thanks for following my blog, you have a great one too.I'll be reading you!cheers

  2. Yeah, I'm sure it would take the color away which sucks. But it prob is just good to use when really needed:)

  3. I'll definately buy this if it made your hair dry! That's exactly what I need for my greasy mop!