A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

03 February 2010

my all time favourite

Pink is definitely not a classic beauty
and not a classy lady lol

But I adore her!
She's unique
and absolutely gorgeous in her
own quirky way.

Not all of her outfits are mind-blowing
but I like the fact that she's not afraid
to try out new ideas.

I like her music,
especially the lyrics- so genuine that
make you think about life/love/fame.

I think that she's probably one of those people
that you can either love or hate.

What's your opinion?

Love?/Hate?/Couldn't care less? :)



  1. I have to sya I'm verging towards the hate on the Pinkl spectrum, but she is an interesting one :) Maybe I havent given her the time of day...;)
    Please please follow me, lovley blow btw

  2. I've seen her performing and she was actually so nice and sweet.

  3. I like her voice so much!!!And her style is indeed unique!

  4. I love Pink!
    Her hair is siiick and shes such a talented person
    but her style can be a bit erm... mix-match(?) sometimes... haha
    Lovee Eliza @ chocolatecoin.blogspot.com

  5. I love Pink, I think she's a great singer with a great voice and style, and her videos are always really entertaining to watch. I love her attitude!

  6. Indeed, she is great, I love her too!