A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

26 February 2010

I ♥ 90s

I was feeling a bit sentimental
and decided to share with you
my love for 90s!=)

I was born in 1985 so 90s remind me
of my childhood and teenage years.
When I look at some pics now from
back then I get a classical: 'What was I thinking?!'
but I think that's the charm of getting old lol

Remember Beverly Hills 90210?
The original one?
Oh, I used to watch every episode:)
All the drama lol
And I had a secret crush on Dylan hehe

Dawson's Creek belongs to late 90s
Loved it as well.
This time I had a crush on Pacey lol
Funny that I always fancy rebellious
characters. Yeah, that didn't change:)

MTV used to be different back then.
There was actually lots of music.
Because today what hits me
is that MTV is full of reality shows
and hardly ever plays music.

Ok, I gotta admit I love also 90s cheesy music lol
It needs to be said out loud=)

What about you guys?
Is there anything you miss about 90s?



  1. Aww I love 90's as well! They remind me of my childhood too. I loved Dawson's Creek :D
    And I so agree about Mtv. I used to watch music videos all the times and now it's full of stupid shows.

  2. Aww I loved the 90's too! I was born in 85 as well! I really miss all the TV shows I used to watch! Clarissa Explains it All, The Secret World of Alex Mac, Salute Your Shorts, Daria, Doug, I can go on and on! Haha! Good memories! :-)

  3. Hi Hun, I love your blog so far....I looove the 90's..We need that back.. :)I'm following you..I'm new to the blogging world..So PLEASE follow me!! Thanks xoxo


  4. well this is embarrassing to admit... but i have the box set of dawsons creek and have possibly watched it in full a few times.. eek.

    and i never really watched 90210 when i was growing up though im an 85 baby as well.. so lately i have been catching up! im up to season 6... and addicted. every ep is just such a drama!!

    last night i remembered how much i loved slap bands!! i wish they would come back!

  5. Awww thank you ladies for sharing!
    It's fun to know that I'm not the only 90s lover=) In a way it's a shame so many things changed and everything's so different now xx

  6. omg i totally agree with the Pacey thing .. i was obsessed :) i was born in 88 so i had my childhood years in the 90's and loved every minute of it!


  7. Nice blog : ) I am a new follower.

    Check out my blog as well when you get a chance.


  8. Born in 1985 too. I used to love things like Saved By the Bell, Sister Sister, California Dreams ie everything on Nikelodeon hehe! x