A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

04 February 2010


I'm really into dark and short nails
at the moment.
This one is NYC Long Wearing
Nail Enamel in Skin Tight Denim Creme
Man, that's a looong name lol
I think it was like £1.99

I like NYC nail polishes cos they have a wide
range of colours, plus it's affordable.

And that's one of my favourite rings atm
(from Accessorize).
It reminds me that spring will come one day lol

But I need a new base coat.
Do you guys have any recommendations?



  1. OMG I absolutely love that nail varnish, so sexy <3
    for bases I think Sally Hansen, (not sure of the name; it's a light blue bottle XD) really helps get rid of damages and is gooood. it's pretty pricey though -_-

  2. LOVING the dark polish - I'm a mahoooosive fan of dark nail colours... swooon!! Sorry babe, WILL catch up with blog posts n doing tags (thanku for the tag!) but you know the drill.. real life sucks the life out of you sometimes! I recently got some base coat for my nails & seche vite topcoat.. Have gone a month and a bit without biting my nails and decided WHOAH I gotta look after them! Using this stuff called "Nailtek Base foundation II ridge filler" works great! It can even double as a mattifying topcoat :D It's strengthened my nails and gve it a nice smooooth base, not bad! Not super cheap but I think it's worth it xxx

  3. so cute and I'm totally loving the ring!

  4. did u try revlon top n base coat? dont tell me we have to wait for the spring :(

    I love accessorize :) YAY

  5. thank you ladies for the recommendations,
    I'll check these out MUAH x