A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

01 February 2010

January Faves

So ladies,

These are my favourite products this month
(I pretty much enjoy all the moisturising and
lovely smelling stuff lol):

- Elvive Full Restore 5 Leave-in conditioner
I bought it not long ago cos I I love the whole range
(you can read my review here) and I needed a little
extra conditioner for my dry, coloured hear. This one
does moisturise it but it's super light.

-Soap&Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter
It's smells so good, absorbs super quick and
makes skin nicely subtle.

- Lush toner Breath of Fresh Air
It makes my skin feel fresh and lightly
moisturised. I like that it has a pump.
A great toner!

-bareMinerals foundation
& full foundation brush
I LOVE this product!
You can build the desired coverage
but still look natural and glowy!
I'm not sure if I can go back to the liquid
foundation after using bareMinerals! lol

-MAC Vanilla eyeshadow
Perfect for pretty much any look
and very useful as a highlight.

-Estee Lauder Day Wear Plus
Multiprotection Cream
I love that it has SPF 15 and
it's rich in antioxidants.
My review can be found here.

-L'oreal Double Extension Renewal
Serum Mascara
It makes my lashes super duper long
and it has a conditioning serum. Love it!
One of my favourite mascaras ever!

-The Body Shop Tantalising Lip Butter
It gives my lips a nice sheen,
moisturise and smells like exotic fruit.

Tried any of these?
And what products did you enjoy using
this month?



  1. Hey! Those are really good products! I'm glad to see you like them too!

  2. Lovely favourites.. love the little monster background too :) xxx

  3. i agree with the BE foundation .. its one of my Jan favourites too!!! :) x

  4. I have used the Elvive Full Restore 5 Leave-in conditioner and the mascara before.

    The mascara is great! But the conditioner didn't work for me. I guess my hair is too damaged! :(

  5. Not yet dear, but wud luv 2 try everything :) muuaaahhh

  6. Im glad the BE foundation works for you! I wish it would work for me but it breaks me out =(. I love the finish though! It looks so natural and lovely! X