A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

16 February 2010

Sugar scrub too abrasive?

I tried Lush Sugar Scrub and I barely managed
to finish it as it was REALLY harsh to my skin.
After using it my skin was red and irritated.

I probably wouldn't repurchase it
but I got it in a gift box for my birthday lol

I got an idea how to make it work
for my skin. It would break my heart
to throw it away ^_^

I crumbled it into a bowl.

I prepared 2 empty pots,
baby oil and Snow Fairy shower gel.

I added a bit of oil and gel into the bowl
and mixed it well.
Just remember not to make it too watery.

Et voila!

A gentle, moisturising and lovely smelling scrub!

Hope you're all well!



  1. Wow! What a great idea :) I used the Sugar Babe scrub and I also thought it was way too abrassive and rough x

  2. Super creative :) That green thing luks like bird feed LOLZ :)


  3. crap, hope your skin's ok :(
    but that is idea is genius! :D


  4. Great idea, I love the last picture :)

  5. What a great mind. I'm always doing things like this with products that aren't working out. Make it work time!

  6. what a fantastic idea well done u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i was in lush on the weekend the sales assistant tryed to sell me the sugar scrub for my lips it was horrid and rough on my lips ;-(

  7. Such a great idea :D I might try this as I have really sensitive skin and alot of scrubby things can be way to harsh for my skin :(

    lots of love,