A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

23 February 2010

lush yellow bags

Hello Lovelies!

That is just a quick post about the Lush yellow bags.
I'm not sure if you ever spotted but some of them
have an advice at the back to re- use it by
placing it
in the sock drawer:)
I put mine into my bra drawer
(I had an empty bag after I used the Comforter).
And I have to say it does smell nice.
It's not particularly a strong scent
or it doesn't last for too long
but it's still nice to open the wardrobe in the morning
and think: mmm blueberries:)

Now I also have one in the small
pocket of my handbag.

You can officially call me a Lush junkie=)

I'm just curious.
Do you guys re-use your yellow bags?


  1. I bring mine back with me to the store :)

  2. Is it like with the pots in the UK?
    That you collect them to get something instead or it's just re-using them to bring home some goodies?:) xx

  3. Yup, I put mine in my underwear drawer too! Mmm Flying Fox scent!!

  4. This was actually a very interesting post. We don't have a Lush store here though, I can purchase Lush online only.

  5. I do this too! :) and i keep all my lush stuff at the bottom of my wardrobe so all my clothes smell nice! x

  6. Ashwini- Thanks for sharing x

    Kasia- I guess it has to be difiicult to shop online because you can't try and smell stuff before you purchase:/ If you need any help or advice, I'll be happy to help you out x

    Eleanor- That's an awesome idea with keeping lush stuff in the wardrobe. Thanks for sharing hun x

  7. Mine goes in my wardrobe too!!!!! Its the best x

  8. I would if I had any! I suppose we just don't have any here :|

  9. Stella- no I don't believe you get anything for returning with the yellow bags. We also have the recycling program with the pots though!

  10. Heather, cool, thanks for the info:) x

  11. I love Lush! I put those bags on the compost heap in the garden.


  12. I think I'm going to start taking mine back to the store when I buy more bath ballistics :)