A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

13 February 2010

OPI Shrek Forever After Collection

When I first heard about this collection,
I thought it was a joke=)

But it is going to be released this summer.

It is such a fun idea.
Alice in Wonderland was already impressive
but Shrek?!

Of course, the names are awesome:

Funky Donkey (dark purple)
What’s With the Cattitude? (light blue)
Rumple’s Wiggin’ (light purple)
Who the Shrek Are You? (dark yellow or lime green?)
Ogre-the-Top Blue (dark blue)
Fiercely Fiona (light yellow)

How adorable is that?



  1. Nice! I like the third lilac color and the forth one as well "who the shrek are you?" :)

  2. AAGGGHHH I love Shrek!!! I am officially excited!

  3. all week i have been thinking i really need a pastal lemon nailpolish! you have made me realise my dream can be reality! im excited!!

  4. This is hilarious! I fancy a bit of Funky donkey.

  5. Oooh these are lovely. I think I'd wear them all except 'Who the Shrek are you?'