A thing of beauty is joy forever

A thing of beauty is  joy forever

06 February 2010

hitting 25:>

Next Thursday, the 11th Feb is
my 25th Birthday.
It's funny cos I normally never pay that much attention
to my birthdays but this one sort of hit me:
I'M BECOMING 25! lol

That's what I found online about becoming 25:

By the 25th birthday most people expect
to have accomplished something with their lives.
There’s only five more years until that big three-O
and the average person usually hopes that
they are well on their way by their 25th year.
They’ll have settled into a place of their own,
a job and may even be starting a family all ready.
Some new twenty-five year olds might be thinking that
they want their party to be a little more grown-up,
a little more sensible around this time.

Yeah, what do I know?
I'm starting uni this september :)
so no settling down for me LOL

No, seriously becoming 25 made me
realise that I don't regret anything.
I really enjoy my life.
And I think that's an important conclusion.

Anyway, to celebrate getting older,
I have a huge birthday haul
coming up:
MAC, Lush and The Body Shop.

So stay tuned :)
I don't feel 25.

But another question is:
do I look 25?

Please be gentle LOL



  1. Hello hun, Happy Birthday btw!

    And no, you do not look 25!!!

    I am 23 turning 24 and I don't even have a full time job yet!!!


  2. aww thanks hun!
    yeah, sometimes life doesnt turn out the way we planned but hey, maybe there's somehing better just around the corner?!:)

  3. awww wow!
    you dont look 25 nopeeee
    I look forward to the haul :D


    @ chocolatecoin.blogspot.com


  4. I'll be 25 on March 25! I don't want to get old! Ha ha!

    Can't wait to see your birthday goodies! Happy early Birthday! :-)

  5. Eliza, thanks babe and yep that is going to be a gigantic haul coz I thought: oh well, I am getting old so money isnt really that important and hell, I deserve a celebration LOL xx

    LipGlossGossip- oh, girl this is freaking scary:) in my mind I still consider myself being in early 20's lol xx

  6. That whole list of what people are doing at 25 is so off....

    I hope..

    Im almost 25 and im still wondering what to do with life!

    And you look no where near 25!! I would say 20!

  7. Oh Al, you're such a doll:)
    It's good to know that I'm not the only one left behind:) xx

  8. Happy Birthday and no you don't look 25!!!

    dollface I've tagged you!!


  9. happy birthday! and i think that you look 21-ish. :)

  10. Happy birthday lovely, I hope u will always feel 16! (I laughed so much with the first pic!)

  11. I'm 25 on May too and I don't feel it (or look it hopefully). I don't think you look it either! Suppose looking young is a good thing though :) Hope you have a fabby bday. x

  12. We share a b-day! I turned 24!
    It's good to say you don't regret anything! But 25 is so young, that if you were still wanting something, you've got plenty of time to do it!
    Hope you enjoyed your day!

  13. Dani, yep I really enjoyed my BDay yesterday.
    Hope you had a good one as well:)
    11th Feb rocks lol xx